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Is hard water a problem in your home? Hard water in your home’s water supply can create problems, from a dingy film on shower doors to spots on clean dishes and glassware. Hard water affects your health and your home and can cause other serious issues including expensive repairs of equipment.

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Negative Impact of Hard Water
Hard water contains a high mineral content such as calcium and magnesium ions and other metal cations. Exposure to these minerals in hard water has health consequences. Other issues include water spots in bathtubs and showers, as well as scale on water fixtures.

Hard water issues can be prevented by using a water softener in your home’s water supply. With water softening, stains and scaling can be avoided. At Idaho Heating & Air, we carry a wide selection of high-quality hard water softeners. Our installers are NATE-certified and can advise you on other ways you can avoid hard water deposits from forming.

Quality Hard Water Softeners and Conditioners

Some of the ways you can help control hard water in your water supply is by using a mechanical water softening unit. When installed in your plumbing system, a mechanical
water softener unit will continuously remove calcium and magnesium from hard water.

Doesn’t it make sense to call Idaho Heating & Air to discuss if a water softener is right for your home? We carry top-of-the-line water softeners and water conditioners. Our trained technicians can install your water softener in minutes, so you can begin to enjoy all the benefits of soft water in your home.

Disadvantages of Water Softeners
Water softeners and conditioners will remove hard water from your water supply, but there are drawbacks. For instance, your water bill might be high if your water softener cycles too frequently, or if the cycling apparatus is not working. Water softeners can increase your monthly energy bill due to the cost of operating the water softener unit. In addition, you will also see an increase in the sodium level in your water after adding a water softener.

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