We Serve Meridian Idaho and the greater Treasure Valley areas.

We Serve Meridian Idaho and the greater Treasure Valley areas.

Get your heating system checked to avoid unexpected breakdowns

EXP: 1/31/2021

AC Repair in Ada County is important as the temperatures can get over 100 degrees!

As the temperatures start going up, it is time to start preparing your AC for the hot days ahead. How do you know you need AC repair services in Nampa and Meridian, ID?

7 Common Signs that you Need Air Conditioning Repair

For the air conditioner's effective and efficient functioning, its fin, coils, and filters need regular maintenance. This way, you are assured of longevity. When neglected, your air conditioner’s performance could steadily decline while energy use increases. In this article, we explore some of the signs to look out for to determine whether your AC might use some repair.

Warm Air

If warm air blows out of your home vents, inspect the thermostat. Ensure it is on cooling mode and switch it to a temperature lower than your home’s. If the problem persists, your AC is likely to have a compressor issue or restricted airflow. At this point, you will be required to take your system for AC repair in Nampa ID instead of trying to DIY your way through.

Insufficient Airflow

Poor airflow may indicate your air conditioner's inefficient working or blockages that may prevent air from moving via the ductwork. The underlying issue could be a broken motor, clogged filter, or a more severe problem. If you religiously carry out AC maintenance, this problem will be a thing of the past.

Frequent Cycles

Typically, the AC should be able to go through cooling cycles regardless of the weather. While the cycles are expected to be more frequent in the hottest months, constant on and off cycling should be a cause for alarm. If this happens, contact a company that offers AC repair in Nampa, ID.

High Humidity

During summer and spring, the weather outside is usually sticky. This, however, does not mean this is the weather you want indoors. Your AC should be able to regulate the inside and outdoor temperatures, keeping your house at a suitable temperature always. If it is impossible for your cooling system to maintain the internal temperature at a comfortable range, it could use some repair.

Water Leaks

You must be knowing that the air conditioner depends on a refrigerant to carry out its cooling activities. Therefore, during its operation, it produces condensation. However, these liquids shouldn’t accumulate or leak into your house. Accumulation of water around your AC is one significant sign to look out for, as it indicates a problem with your cooling system. Do not hesitate to call an air conditioning repair company near you.

Bad Odors

Bad odor is something you are unlikely to encounter if you carry out regular AC maintenance. If you suspect that the foul smell in your house is originating from your HVAC system, it will help if you dealt with the issue quickly. An AC technician could carry out a quick diagnosis and determine whether the system needs a cleaning session or tune-up or the problem is more significant. One way to deal with odors is by using Ultraviolet lamps. Another way is cleaning the ductwork frequently.

Unusual Noises

Although it is not uncommon to make some noise when they are starting and shutting down, loud noises could indicate big problems. Buzzing or rattling noises could indicate loose parts, while grinding or whistling noises could be a sign of an even greater issue.

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