Review by Gertie Kawleweski

Gertie Kawleweski


We just got new radiant heating installed by Idaho Heating & Air. The floor is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The team was so pleasant and professional, my kiddo gave them the title, "The Cool Guys." They were a joy to have working in our home. I have officially turned my furnace OFF. The house is staying between 68-72 degrees with the heat just from the living room floor and fireplace. We are all sleeping GREAT--with the furnace NOT kicking on throughout the night. No dust flying everywhere! And the heat's gradual rising makes for a very comfortable 2nd floor. SOOOO happy! The inspector stopped by to approve the work. He was impressed with how quickly the whole thing was installed and confirmed that Idaho Heating & Air did a great job! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Reply from Idaho Heating & Air

Thanks for the review! We love radiant and we love when our customer are sleeping well because of the work we did. Thanks..."The Cool Guys"

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