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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Boise, ID

Humid air can make summertime unbearable. Likewise, overly dry air can make it feel impossible for you to warm up in the winter. If you need help balancing the moisture level in the air in your home, you can come to our team. The technicians at Idaho Heating & Air can provide the services you need for a humidifier or dehumidifier to improve your home comfort.

We are here to help with your humidifier installation or dehumidifier installation. We can also provide humidifier repair and dehumidifier repair services.

Your Comfort is Our Priority. Reach out to us for help with humidity control in your home.

Humidifier Installation

Dry air can be a major issue that impacts your comfort in the winter. It dries out your skin and hair and can make it harder to get warm. Help improve your comfort and your warmth with a whole-house humidifier. Adding a humidifier to your Boise, ID home can vastly improve your comfort. Our team is available for you when you want to get this system installed.

Humidifier Repair

Even with regular humidifier maintenance, your system may run into trouble keeping the air in your home balanced. Idaho Heating & Air can help. We provide repairs for your humidifier system so you can get the comfort you need and avoid a humidifier replacement until it is absolutely necessary.

Dehumidifier Installation

Having trouble battling high humidity in your home during the summer season? Reach out to us to discuss installing a whole-house dehumidifier. These systems can remove excess moisture to provide optimal comfort in your home. Idaho Heating & Air has the trained technicians who can get your system installed ASAP.

Dehumidifier Repair

Even the best dehumidifier may run into trouble. When your system needs repairs, don’t delay getting them done. We are your resource for dehumidifier maintenance and repairs in the Treasure Valley area and beyond. Contact us today.

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