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How AC Dehumidifiers Work
Air conditioners cool by removing heat from the air. However, simply cooling does not provide cool, dry air which is needed to feel comfortable. One of the best ways to eliminate humidity inside your home is with an AC dehumidifier. A whole-home system is designed to remove excess humidity from the air before it enters your AC system. They remove the humidity indoors and send it out of your home, reducing any extra work your AC would have to do to remove the excess humidity.

Benefits of AC Dehumidifiers

Excessive humidity causes health issues, forces your air conditioning to work harder, and can even damage furniture and other personal possessions. One of the best solutions to this problem is to add a dehumidifier that works with the regular cycling of your AC.

There are several important benefits to adding a dehumidifier to your existing air conditioning system:

  • IMPROVED COMFORT: Humidity makes you feel clammy and sticky. When the excess moisture is eliminated, the air inside your home will feel cool and dry.
  • IMPROVED ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A dehumidifier reduces the amount of work your AC does, thereby using less energy and reducing your energy bills.
  • IMPROVED HEALTH: Moisture breeds mold and mildew, dust mites, and other contaminants. A dehumidifier can reduce allergens and produce superior indoor air quality.

In addition, when you add a dehumidifier to your existing AC system, you will be able to manage both the temperature and humidity inside your home. You can also purchase a separate unit to manage humidity. This requires you to monitor humidity and run the AC only when necessary.

Quality AC Dehumidifier Service, Repairs & Installations

At Idaho Heating & Air, we offer the most modern systems on the market. Our friendly and knowledgeable technician will arrive at your home on time, install your brand new unit, and show you how to operate it. We’ll advise you on how to properly maintain your unit so that it will provide optimal benefits for you and your family. No matter the issue affecting any of your homes HVAC systems, our experts are equipped and eager to provide an effective solution for your home and comfort.