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Serving the Treasure Valley Area

Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Tank or Tankless: Which Is for You?

With the way we talk about tankless water heaters, you’d assume that nobody really buys storage tank systems anymore. And while we understand if that’s your initial thought, the reality of the situation is the exact opposite. To this day, tank water heaters are still more common and popular than tankless systems, and they make up the vast majority of the water heater market.

So, if you’re well-versed in all of your water heater technology and terminology, why would you ever invest in a storage-tank water heater installation in Eagle, ID? Well, for many homeowners on strict budgets, or who aren’t keen on using too much water for environmental reasons, a storage-tank water heater might actually be a great choice.

Let’s talk about why, to this day, storage tank water heaters are still the most reliable and common systems on the market.

You Can’t Beat a Good Price

Listen, if you don’t have the money to purchase the newest and greatest piece of HVAC or plumbing equipment, then it’s as if it never existed. We would all love to have solar panels and state-of-the-art air conditioning systems, but many of these can cost a fortune and most customers just don’t have a budget like that. Luckily, we totally understand and that’s what this blog post is for.

Tank water heaters are, and possibly always will be, more affordable to install and replace than tankless systems. They’re simply more plentiful and easier to find to procure, which just means that you’ll never find one more expensive than a tankless unit.

Insulation and Electricity

For many homeowners, efficiency is everything. Sure, tankless systems are more efficient than their storage tank counterparts, but depending on the type of system you invest in, the difference is only slight.

Storage tank water heaters these days are exceptionally insulated and many of them run on electricity. Depending on how cheap electricity is in your area, this can mean you’ll still be saving money on a monthly cost. The interior of most storage tank water heaters is an insulating glass that both stops the water from corroding the tank, while also keeping the heat inside. Then, you can even work with a professional installer to get more insulation so the heat remains inside of the tank where it belongs.

They’re Easier to Repair

Since storage tank water heaters are more common and popular than tankless systems, it’s a fact that more technicians know how to repair and maintain these systems than their tankless counterparts. While our team might be able to service both types of systems and more, if you ever plan on moving away from our service areas and taking your water heater with you, (or investing in a new one somewhere else) you’re going to want to take this into account.

The truth is that these systems are easier to fix and maintain than tankless ones because they rely on pretty standard, simple technology that’s been around for half a century.

For a new water heater of any kind, call Idaho Heating & Air. Your Comfort Is Our Priority! 

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