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Serving the Treasure Valley Area

Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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3 Water Heater Woes to Look Out For

Temperatures are dropping and a hot bath is starting to look more and more enticing over time. And, as we start planning for the holidays, it’s not uncommon to have family members and friends stay for a few days while they use your appliances and hot water. But can your water heater endure the test of the next few months?

A few too many customers are quick to be okay with using cold water when something goes wrong, but we’d argue that getting your water heater repaired by a professional you trust can go a long way in alleviating your problems, keeping you safe and comfortable, and reducing costs down the line. Keep reading to find out if you need water heater repair in Meridian, ID, and how you can evaluate the condition of your system.

Leaks and Puddles

Leaks and puddles are insidious problems when it comes to water heaters. They can quickly cause mold growth, since puddles can be in areas that are dark and cool. Leaks are also where your system can start losing water pressure and lead to issues in the rest of your plumbing.

Take a good look around your water heater. If you notice any puddles on the ground or hear any dripping, then you’ve likely got a problem that needs to be fixed by a professional.

Water Temperature Problems

Perhaps the most important job your water heater has is to make water hot enough for use in your kitchen sink, washing machine, shower, and other appliances. If it can’t keep the water hot, or at least comfortable, then what’s the point of having a water heater in the first place?

There are two temperature problems that can arise in a water heater. The first is water that’s too cold, and this can simply be from a failing system that just can’t heat water as well as it used to. The second temperature problem is what we call scalding, and it’s when a water heater heats the water up too much and causes it to be unusable.

Both of these issues require professional attention.

Running Out of Hot Water

Nothing feels worse than going into the bathroom to take your daily shower, and all of a sudden you need to hurry up as your water heater runs out of water. This is a problem, even though many homeowners throughout the country deal with it on a regular basis.

First of all, this might just be a problem with your water heater. Before you take any drastic steps, we’d recommend calling a professional from our team to have the system looked at and inspected for any issues. Things like sediment, water leaks, and other issues can cause hot water problems that lead to cold showers.

However, the solution might be that your family and home have outgrown your water heater’s capacity, or the fact that it’s just not working like it used to and needs to be replaced. Luckily, we’ll let you know if water heater replacement is needed and we can discuss the options that can save you the most money.

Here at Idaho Heating & Air, Your Comfort Is Our Priority! Contact us today for water heater repairs.

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