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The Tale of the Haunted Furnace

Monday, October 24th, 2022

It’s the end of October, which means that Halloween decorations are all out in full swing. You’ve probably got a whole line-up of scary movies to look forward to, and maybe even a party with your family and friends. But one thing that shouldn’t be scaring you this spooky season is your furnace. Furnace systems that go bump in the night, or make shrieking sounds that haunt you are most likely in need of professional support.

This blog post is going to be informational and point you in the right direction when it comes to furnace repair in Nampa, ID. There are many different types of sounds a furnace can make, depending on the make and model, and each one is going to require a different type of repair. The important thing is that you and a professional can correctly identify the problem, get it diagnosed, and eventually have it fixed.

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Let’s Get Your Furnace Tuned-Up!

Monday, October 10th, 2022

Furnace tune-ups are great this time of year. They improve the reliability of your system, help it run smoothly and efficiently, and they just make your life easier. Instead of worrying about how safe your furnace is running, or even if it’s got another winter left in it, maintenance can answer all of those questions and keep your home in good shape.

There’s a misconception going around when it comes to HVAC service in Nampa, ID, that maintenance is an optional service. People understandably think that installation, repair, and replacement are necessary tasks to be done by a professional, but maintenance is just an added bonus if you can afford it. Well, we’re here to shatter that illusion by talking about why maintenance is better for everyone, including you!

Maintenance might as well be considered a mandatory service with just how vital it is for the operation and safety of your heating system.

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Improve Your Commercial Air Quality

Monday, January 17th, 2022

There are a lot of things to pay attention to when you own a business. There are financial decisions to be made, employee problems to handle, and you’ve probably got a long list of customer or client suggestions and complaints that need to be addressed. You’ve got your hands full and we know that!

However, one of the hardest aspects of owning a business or commercial property is the fact that some problems can exist that might not have obvious complaints or suggestions pop up. For instance, your commercial HVAC in Nampa, ID could be having serious problems and the only way you’d know is if certain customers just avoid your space altogether.

Today, we’d like to focus on air quality. Whether you’ve got a restaurant or an office space, air quality is extremely important for people who spend a lot of time in your space. The better it is, the happier and healthier your establishment becomes!

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An Informative Heating Glossary

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

Here’s a frustrating experience: you call your favorite HVAC pro to give you some tips on your high heating bill, and all of a sudden they’re speaking what sounds like another language. A heat exchanger? What the heck is a capacitor? Why would you need to know what a blower motor is if you have a gas furnace? This is not only frustrating, but it can drive customers away from working with professionals when they feel shunned out of the industry.

Well, we know you’re trying your best, and we’re never going to fault you for not knowing certain terms and conditions when it comes to HVAC equipment. These systems are complex, and you should be informed by professionals who are willing to work with you, not just work for you.

Today, let’s discuss some terms that are going to be important for the next time you need help with heating repair in Nampa, ID.

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