Radiant Heating Boise, Idaho

Radiant Heating Boise, Idaho

Happy wife, happy life. It's true! My wife and I disagree on one major thing: what temperature the house should be during the winter. To be fair, no matter what the thermostat says, my wife is always freezing. So what did she do about it? She ripped out the carpet in the living room when I was away on a business trip. How that was going to help contain the heat was beyond me at the time. She exclaimed that the floor was concrete under the carpet and that the room would be perfect for Radiant Heating. What?!

When a woman wants radiant heating, she makes it happen.

We contacted Idaho Heating & Air, who we now refer to as "The Cool Guys." They did some measuring and calculating, and helped brainstorm the possibilities. They found some crews who could pour the concrete. And then they got started. The project went extremely quickly, and our home was positively transformed.

The sunken living room is now about 6 inches taller--we wanted it to be flush with the fireplace, and allow for an easy adjustment to the stairs.

During the cold months, the radiant floor (in just the living room!) heats almost our whole 4 bedroom home. And it's a heat that we all agree feels great. The kids read books and lounge on the warm floor. No more tinkering with the thermostat to find a good temperature. The house is evenly heated; we don't have the usual super hot upstairs and super cold downstairs.

The floor is heated by our water heater. It's cheap heat and doesn't blow particles and debris all over the house.

Now that it's getting warm outside, I'm surprised at how the concrete helps keep the house cool! What!? Win win!

Idaho Heating & Air has certainly improved our quality of life. We appreciate you guys immensely!



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Aaron W.

I enjoy working with these guys and they have a lot of collective wisdom and experience.

Chris P

Very honest HVAC repair. Great Price! Great Service!

Kara Hawkes

I just want to thank Idaho Heating and Air for being so amazing. They answered all of my questions in a way that I could understand. They explained everything they were doing, how much it would be, how long it would take. They provided email contact information as well as phone contact information. They came out for free to give me an estimate. As i was price checking prior to agreeing to a company. All of the people I spoke to and dealt with ... continue reading