Open loop Water Furnace Envision system

Open loop Water Furnace Envision system

Pear Blossom #3
Private Residence 3500 sq ft,
Meridian Idaho
Retrofit: Removed existing (2) 80% propane furnaces & (2) 10 SEER A/C units

Open loop WaterFurnace Envision system. Again with the Intellizone multi-zone control. All the Envision systems feature R410A earth friendly refrigerant, variable speed blower motors, and 2-stage compressor operation. The system is extremely quiet and makes about as much noise as a standard refrigerator. As with all open loop systems, we install components in the plumbing package to ensure any water noise is kept to a minimum. This is significant for anyone considering an open loop. With well pressures at 60psi, the water noise can be much louder than the heat pump if not installed correctly.


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