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Serving the Treasure Valley Area

Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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The 3 Best Benefits of Duct Services

Air ducts represent an important part of your home’s HVAC system. They bring the heated air from the furnace, or cooled air from your air conditioner, and transport it so it lands right in the room you’re in now. It’s a nifty way to deal with a problem that otherwise could be quite a hassle to overcome. In order to do this, ducts need to be sealed so that no air can escape them.

When ducts start falling into disrepair, it can lead to a lot of problems. You might start seeing an increase in your energy bill as your air conditioner struggles to work efficiently. You might also notice that the temperature never quite reaches the setting listed on your thermostat. This can be frustrating, and it can be easy to fall into a trap where your home never feels quite as comfortable as you want it to. Well, if you’re dealing with these problems, keep reading and reach out to us for air duct services in Boise, ID!

Avoid Leaks and Gaps

Let’s start with how your air ducts can start developing problems. One of the most common things we see is the development of leaks and gaps. Air ducts expand and contract as the temperatures change throughout the seasons. Since they’re made of metal, they’re not very good at moving around or stretching. That’s why they can sometimes rip open and have leaks, gaps, tears, and other issues that allow the preciously treated air from your HVAC system to escape.

You might think, “Why is this a problem? It’s leaking inside of my house, isn’t it?” Well, yes, but it’s leaking into places where you might not want it. Your crawlspace and basement might feel great, but your living room, home office, kitchen, or bedroom might be very uncomfortable. That doesn’t sound like a correctly functioning HVAC system to us!

Don’t Limit Your Efficiency

Air ducts need to work properly in order for your HVAC system to be efficient. If it’s not, then you might see a dramatic increase in your energy or heating bills. This is because your HVAC system is designed to heat and cool the spaces in your house where you spend time. That air is not supposed to leak anywhere else. Then, your thermostat might have a hard time registering temperature changes, and your heater or air conditioner is going to work double-time and consume more fuel or energy.

Look for Better Temperature Control

With properly working air ducts, you get access to better temperature control. Your thermostat will feel more responsive because the changes you input will be reflected by the HVAC system sending comfortable air directly into the room where you can feel it. That can be an amazing benefit to having ducts in good shape.

It’s Time to Call a Professional

The only way you can get 100% effective duct service is by calling a professional. Duct tape doesn’t do the trick, and you’re just not going to get the same kind of results if you try to fix your ducts yourself. Let us take care of the problem so you can enjoy the benefits.

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