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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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When Is It Time to Replace That Furnace?

Your furnace works great until it doesn’t. Like all home appliances, your furnace has a set lifespan. Eventually, it will be time for a furnace replacement, the question is, when will that be? A lot of factors go into how long your furnace will last, and the biggest one is how well you have taken care of it.

If you think it’s time for a furnace replacement in Meridian, ID, our team is here to help. You can keep reading to learn more about your furnace, and the signs that it may be time to replace it in the near future. After all, you want to stay ahead of furnace replacement so you can save and prepare for such a large investment.

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

Most furnaces will last for 20–30 years before needing to be replaced. However, after the 15 year mark, you need to begin paying closer attention to how your furnace is operating. It’s possible that you may need to replace your furnace sooner rather than later. Of course, if you’ve kept up with regular maintenance every year, changed the air filters monthly, and cleaned off the burners when it was needed, then you can probably bank on your furnace lasting longer. 

The good news is, no matter what, your furnace will always show signs of slowing down before it stops working completely. When you pay attention to these signs, you can address smaller repair needs as you go and feel prepared when the time for complete furnace replacement does come.

Signs That It’s Time for Furnace Replacement

If possible, you want to plan ahead for furnace replacement, so that you can get it done in the off-season. This ensures that your furnace will be working great throughout the entire winter season. Pay attention to these signs that it might be time to replace your furnace:

  • Frequent repairs – If you’re having our team out frequently to make repairs, that’s a problem. It’s also a problem if the repairs become more and more expensive. The general rule is that if a single repair or a series of repairs costs more than 50% of the price of a new furnace, you should skip out on repairs and invest in a new furnace instead. 
  • Unusual sounds – Your furnace is not completely silent as it operates, but if you hear loud and alarming noises, that’s a sign that something major is wrong. 
  • Cracked heat exchanger – If you notice any holes or cracks in your heat exchanger, you definitely need to replace your furnace. Unfortunately, heat exchanger cracks cannot be repaired. If you notice cracks or damage anywhere else on your furnace, you also want to check your heat exchanger to be safe. 
  • Uneven heat – Your furnace should heat your home evenly. This means that you should not have one room that is significantly hotter or cooler than other rooms. If this happens, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your furnace.
  • Changes in output – Your furnace should work similarly across its entire lifespan. If you notice that it is turning on and off more than usual, or not getting your home as warm as it once did, it may be time for a new furnace. You should not have to set your thermostat higher each season to achieve the same heating results. 

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