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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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What’s Wrong With Your Radiant Heat?

We all know a bit about radiant heat, even if it might not seem like it. For instance, you probably know the phrase “heat rises,” right? Well, that’s one of the most basic principles of radiant heat! Many boiler systems and other radiant heaters rely on radiators and other heaters that sit close to the ground. This works since we know that heat radiates upwards and is easier for us to feel when it’s coming from below.

Likewise, most of us know about convection ovens. Well, radiant heat works with convection as well! Circulating the heat that’s rising through your house is one of the best ways to conserve heat and keep things energy efficient in your house. Like it or not, you might be a bit of a radiant heat expert yourself!

However, sometimes your home might need heating repair in Boise, ID, and it’s up to both of us to figure out what the problem is!

How Radiant Heat Works

A radiant heating system works by radiating heat instead of heating the air of your home. In comparison, a furnace or a heat pump seeks to heat the air of your home, which in turn heats all the objects and everything around you. While either system works, there are some unique advantages to using radiant heat.

For starters, radiant heat feels more comfortable to a lot of homeowners. It radiates through walls and objects, in a similar way to the radiant heat of the sun. It almost feels like being warmed by the sun and that can be comforting to many people.

Also, radiant heaters tend to last longer without too much maintenance or adjustments, because it doesn’t have as many moving parts and isn’t concerned with ductwork or blowing any air.

Fun fact: The ancient Romans used radiant heat! They would heat the water that came from the aqueducts and boil it in the basement of their homes. Then, by propelling the steam that was created through ancient pipe systems, they would heat their home through the power of convection and radiant heat!

Doing a Walkthrough of Your Home

There can be many signs of a problem with a radiant heater. Leaks from a boiler, high fuel, or energy bills, all can be a sign that you need professional help. However, we’d like to focus on one particular sign that you’ve got a problem in need of repairs.

Take a walk through your home and check to feel where the heat is coming from. If your radiant heating system is working as intended, it should be radiating heat everywhere and your home should be comfortable in its entirety. If it’s not, then there could be a problem with the radiant heater. Pay close attention to corners, areas near the window, and places where you spend a lot of time. Poor comfort in these areas can mean that your radiant heater is on its last legs.

Leaks, Corrosion, or Other Issues

Water-based radiant heat systems could leak or have corrosion on the pipes, which could lead to a decrease in comfortable temperatures throughout your home. Other radiant heating systems, like electrical ones, might suffer from tripped circuits or other issues. It’s important that you get a professional on the case to have the system fixed so that you can enjoy powerful warmth for the rest of the season.

Contact Idaho Heating & Air if you need help with your radiant heating system. Your Comfort Is Our Priority!

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