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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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What Happens When You Forget to Change Your Air Filter?

Most homeowners already know that a forced-air heating system requires a filter change every 1-3 months. This is par for the course with being a homeowner, and many people already have this built into their schedules. Sometimes it can be easy when you have a calendar that tells you when to change your air filter, along with when to do the laundry and when your bills are due. Treating your filter like just another chore like this is a great way to make it feel routine and to ensure you never forget about it.

But what happens when a homeowner forgets about their air filter? Do they immediately need heating repair in Boise, ID? Not necessarily.

Today, we’d like to give a bit more context to the reasons why we talk about homeowners changing their air filters so frequently. We’re going to talk about why this is so important and what can happen if your air filter gets too dirty and clogged up.

Routine Care Is the Best Solution

Before we get started on this blog post, we’d like to remind you that the best solution to these problems is to routinely change your air filter. That can basically avoid all of the problems we’ve listed below.

Now we’re going to split up our blog post into four sections below. Each one gets at a different set of consequences depending on how long you forget to change your air filter.

The Immediate Consequences

Look, we’ll be honest. Forgetting to change your air filter the day you have it marked on your calendar and instead doing it tomorrow isn’t terrible. You might just have a slight drop in efficiency depending on how heavily you depend on your heating system. We understand that everyone leads a busy life these days, and it can be impossible sometimes to change your air filter on the day you planned. Just make sure you do it as soon as possible.

One Month Late

In a month, a surprising amount of dust and debris can settle in your system’s air filter. The filter will get clogged which means that your heating system will run less efficiently. Also, some contaminants will probably have pushed their way through your air filter and started harming the interior components of your heater. This, mixed with the increased struggle your system has to endure, means you might see a repair need in your near future.

One Year Late

A year is a long time to forget about an air filter. Your heater might be starting to wane in its effectiveness, and you’ll see certain areas of your home get less heat. Also, the heater will run in much longer cycles as it tries as hard as it can to heat like it used to. Your heater will most likely need repairs and it could break down due to neglect.

Forgetting Entirely

A furnace or heat pump that doesn’t have its air filter changed at all is on a course for a complete breakdown. These systems rely on the input of steady clean airflow, and when that gets interfered with, the system will likely overheat, suck up too much energy, and crack under the pressure. Avoid this ending at all costs!

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