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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Myths and Truths About Heating Repair

The internet has been an incredible advancement for the HVAC industry. It allows customers to get an in-detail look at their heating system, how it works, and even watch videos of technicians fixing it when something goes wrong. There are a ton of resources you can look up right now, from the Department of Energy’s website, to global non-profits with informative articles on heating in our country, and we are always in support of customers learning more. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and the age of the internet has brought a huge responsibility to our attention: dispelling myths about heating.

You’ve probably heard people say that their 20-year-old furnace still works perfectly fine and that they’ve never invested in maintenance. Or that their furnace “makes a rumbling sound all the time, but it works fine.” Regardless of where you’ve heard these claims, they’re not really truthful. We’re here to help provide facts as well as heating repair in Meridian, ID for our customers.

Three Truths About Heating Repair

Let’s start with some of the things that, although they might seem like false claims, are actually true!

  • A gas furnace can be unsafe if neglected. Many people like to talk about how long their gas furnace has lasted, even if it’s beyond an expiration date or it’s 10-years without professional attention. That might be an achievement to some people, but that can actually be very dangerous when considering the fact that they can become unsafe when they surpass their lifespan. When components fail and aren’t repaired, a gas furnace could leak carbon monoxide into a home, so make sure you get your system maintained and repaired by a pro.
  • A noisy heater has a problem, and that problem can get worse if not repaired. Noises are your heater’s way of telling you it has a problem. Whether or not you get that problem fixed is up to you, but it can get worse. Sometimes a rattling noise indicates a loose component or a broken piece, which can bump into sensitive parts and cause more problems down the line.
  • Early heating repair is always the most affordable choice. There are really two options when encountering a heating issue. Either it’s repaired now or repaired later. Neglecting the repair can mean it’s more expensive down the line, or it might even require replacement which can be a lot more expensive.

Three Myths About Heating Repair

Here are three myths about heating repair that you might want to be aware of:

  • You can fix most heater problems yourself. This is not true, and it can potentially injure the interior components of your heater or cause you to void your system’s warranty.
  • Boilers can last forever. While it’s true that boilers last longer than other heating systems, mainly 15–20 years, they definitely don’t last forever.
  • Maintenance isn’t worth it. Maintenance is a powerful tool when used correctly, and investing in routine maintenance every year for your heater will grant you benefits that help in the long run. For things like improved efficiency, system performance, and longevity, go with maintenance every year.

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