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Serving the Treasure Valley Area

Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Is it Time to Replace my Furnace?

When we have customers ask, “Is it time to replace my furnace?” the question usually comes with a moment where they hold their breath and wait for the shoe to drop. There’s no way around it, replacing your furnace is a big project—and an expensive one too. No one wants to undertake that replacement on a whim.

That’s why you need to give our team a call if you need a furnace replacement in Meridian, ID. We can assess your current heater and offer solutions which may include repairing and replacing parts as well as replacing your entire heating system. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each option and pick what works best for you. 

Furnace Repair vs. Replacement

There’s no question about it, the temperatures can drop below freezing and stay that way for days and weeks. Having a reliable furnace is important for keeping your family safe and warm during the upcoming winter season. If your furnace is beginning to give you some problems, you may be considering installing a new one. But is it time yet?

Even if your furnace is already past its expected lifespan, it may still have some years left. Sometimes you can make an investment in repairs and replace specific components that have too much wear and tear. If you’re not ready to make the investment in an entirely new furnace, this can be a great solution.

But you also want to consider the downsides to repairing an older furnace. There’s no guarantee that you won’t continue to have problems. Another part may break a few months down the road and then you have to invest in another repair bill. Plus, older units are less energy efficient. You may be spending more on your energy bills than you realize.

Sure, replacing your furnace is a large upfront cost. But it’s also an investment in your home. A new furnace means that you don’t have to worry about problems for a while because the new unit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. As long as you keep up with regular maintenance, the warranty will cover problems that arise with your furnace.

Plus, a newer furnace will be more energy efficient—especially if your furnace is 15 to 20 years old. You can recoup the cost of the new furnace over its life in energy savings. If you could spend $30 less each month on your heating and cooling expenses, that adds up to $360 per year and $3,600 over a ten-year period. 

Planning Ahead

If you’re not ready to make the investment this year, begin planning for next year. Research types of heaters and learn about how they work. Think about whether you have gas available in your home or if you prefer to use electricity for your heating needs.

And remember, you can always talk to our team of experts. We would love to help you plan ahead because we know it’s a big decision to make. We can explain how different heaters work and talk to you about your individual needs and expectations. Then, when the time is right we can help you complete the installation and get you back in business with a new furnace.

Here at Idaho Heating & Air, Your Comfort Is Our Priority! Contact us today for heating assistance.

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