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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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How Often Should You Expect Heat Pump Repairs?

A heat pump is a unique appliance. While many homeowners have separate heating and cooling systems, a heat pump serves as a single temperature control system that can switch between heating and cooling. And while heat pumps offer a variety of great benefits, they also need to be maintained more often.

But how often exactly should you expect heat pump repairs? This is something that many homeowners want to know, so they can plan ahead. If you have this type of system and think you need heat pump repair in Meridian, ID, our team is here to help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about what you should expect by way of heat pump repairs over the life of your system. 

Annual Maintenance

As a general rule, you should have annual maintenance on any heating or cooling system in your home. That means that at the end of the summer, you schedule a check-up for your air conditioner, and at the end of the winter, you schedule a check-up for your heater. Since a heat pump is all-in-one heating and cooling, you can expect to schedule maintenance twice per year. 

This is because your heat pump works double. It doesn’t get a break when another system kicks in for the off season. It may feel like you’re investing in more frequent maintenance, but if you had separate heating and cooling systems, you would still schedule maintenance twice per year. 

What About Heat Pump Repairs? 

Keep in mind that maintenance appointments are not specifically repair appointments. Our team will inspect your unit and may make recommendations for fixing minor problems or tweaking settings within your system. However, your heat pump can still face repair needs in between maintenance appointments. 

The idea behind regular maintenance is to avoid costly repairs by taking care of your heat pump over the course of the year, but it isn’t a foolproof plan. The good news is, heat pumps don’t need repairs, any more frequently than any other type of heating or cooling system. As long as you invest in regular maintenance and follow general guidelines for using your heat pump correctly, you won’t have frequent repairs. 

Avoiding Heat Pump Repairs

Regular maintenance is a great way to avoid costly repairs. Our team can inspect your ductwork, thermostat connection, blower motor, and indoor coil. We can look for seals that are broken around your ducts and ensure the airflow is moving through your system as it should. 

But there are also steps that you can take. Change your air filter on time each month, and pay attention to how your heat pump operates. If you notice any changes or unusual sounds or smells, then you definitely want to give us a call. Problems don’t just pop up overnight. They fester over time and get worse as they are left alone. The sooner you can identify a heat pump problem and fix it, the better. 

Here at Idaho Heating & Air, Your Comfort Is Our Priority! Contact us today to schedule an appointment for heating assistance.

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