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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Are You Better Off With an Electric Furnace?

Most homeowners when confronted with the decision to purchase either a gas furnace or an electric furnace, choose to go with the gas furnace. There’s this notion going around that gas furnaces are better in every situation, and that if you have access to natural gas you should get one. While that might be true in many cases, it’s not going to be true all the time.

When it comes to your home, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve done the research and invested in the system that’s perfect for you. Don’t just purchase a gas furnace because everyone is saying they’re good!

As your local team of experts, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to investigate this idea that one type of furnace is better than the other. We’ll go through each type of furnace, talk about its pros and cons, and then leave the decision ultimately up to you. Then, you can call us for further furnace services in Boise, ID!

The Case for a Gas Furnace

There’s some truth to the statements we made above. Gas furnaces are the most common and popular type of furnace in the United States for a very good reason. They’re powerful, reliable, and they’re also becoming more efficient with each and every new model. Here are some great standard reasons to invest in a gas furnace:

  • They’re effective. Many homeowners invest in gas furnaces for the sheer fact that they’re powerful. It can get cold here in Boise, so it’s important that you have an effective furnace that can keep your whole house warm. A gas furnace can and will do this.
  • Gas is clean-burning and safe. While some homeowners might feel uncomfortable about having gas burning appliances in their home, we want to reassure our customers that they’re safe. Also, gas is clean-burning and much better for the environment than other fuel sources.
  • They have high AFUE ratings. The AFUE rating is the “annual fuel utilization efficiency” rating that shows how efficient a furnace is. Gas furnaces have some of the highest AFUE ratings, reaching the mid to high 90s!

Electric Furnaces: A Solid Alternative

Before you click the button and order the installation of a gas furnace, we’d like to talk about the alternative. Not everyone can and should use a gas furnace, because an electric furnace might be a better alternative for your home. Here are some reasons why.

  • More ulitity in different areas. Not every home has access to natural gas, but almost every single home in the US has access to electricity! An electric furnace just requires access to the power grid to work.
  • Electricity might feel safer for homeowners. While gas furnaces are safe, they are providing you with combustion-powered heat. Some homeonwers just don’t want to deal with that and would rather have an electric alternative because it feels safer.
  • They’re affordable. Electric furnaces are some of the most affordable units on the market hands down. If you’re on a strict budget, this system might be perfect for you.

Contact Idaho Heating & Air to invest in a new furnace system. Your Comfort Is Our Priority!

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