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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Geothermal Heating Is a Great Option

We don’t talk about geothermal heating and cooling systems that often on this blog. It’s not because we don’t like these systems, we absolutely love them and we’re the premier geothermal HVAC installation team in the area. The main reason we refrain from talking about geothermal heating services in Boise, ID, is because it requires a heavy initial investment. And for homeowners that are just looking for a smaller, more affordable home heating system, a geothermal unit just might not be the best choice.

Today, we’re going to take some time to really talk about how geothermal heating works, and highlight the fact that it can be both a heating and cooling system for your home. This technology is becoming more and more popular with every passing year, and it’s time we really dove into what that is. Don’t forget, our team is the best team to call in the area for comprehensive geothermal services.

How Geothermal Heating Systems Work

Geothermal heating systems work by installing ground pipes that go several feet below your home into the earth’s crust. Contrary to popular knowledge, the temperature of the earth’s crust remains quite mild, around 50 degrees, so there’s a wealth of heat that can be drawn out and used for your home’s heating system.

The pipes that are installed hold a water solution that helps transfer the heat into the heat pumps of your home. The heat pumps then blow cozy, warm air into your house to keep things warm during the winter. Since these heat pumps can work in reverse, and temperatures are cool in the earth’s crust, this system also easily functions as an air conditioner in the summertime!

Why Invest in This Type of HVAC System?

There are three amazing reasons to invest in a geothermal heating and cooling system. We’ll list them for you and allow you to make your own judgement call.

  • It’s a sustainable and extremely efficient heating system. The first and easiest reason to want a geothermal HVAC system is due to the energy efficiency and sustainability of the system. Heat pumps are notoriously high efficiency, and especially when they’re drawing heat from such a mild area of the earth’s crust, they work at a fraction of the cost that a normal heating system would.
  • The underground pipes last for 50 years. While the heat pumps of your geothermal system might only last for a decade or more, the underground pipework (which is the most expensive part of a geothermal system) will last for 50 years or more. This is a huge investment that is built to last.
  • They work extremely well. We wouldn’t be offering to install geothermal HVAC systems if they didn’t work so well for homeowners in our area.

Geothermal Isn’t for Every Home

Look, we won’t beat around the bush. A geothermal heating system is one of the most expensive heating systems on the market. While they can easily pay for themselves down the line, we understand that not many homeowners have the money or the budget to finance one right now.

Why not invest in a high-efficiency heat pump or gas furnace first? Perhaps in a decade, when your heater is in need of replacement, you can call our team to finally get yourself a geothermal heating system?

It’s time to call Idaho Heating & Air if you’re ready to invest in a geothermal heating system. Your Comfort Is Our Priority! 

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