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Serving the Treasure Valley Area

Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Stay Cool When Things Are Hot

The beginning of summer is always fun. There are great activities to do, public pools and ice cream stands open up, and it’s hard for temperatures to get too hot. Now, however, we’re reaching the middle of the summer, where temperatures can stay consistently hot and we start relying on our air conditioners more and more. Especially to sleep at night, you’re relying on cool and comfortable temperatures just to live your life.

So, with so much resting atop the shoulders of these systems, what happens when it finally buckles under the pressure and breaks down? Well, you can always call our team for high-quality AC repair in Eagle, ID. That should always be the first step you take.

Second, you should keep reading and learn a few strategies to combat the high temperatures and stay comfortable while you wait for support.

Hydration Is Key

When temperatures are high, our bodies get rid of heat by sweating water that permeates our skin. The water we call “sweat” is then evaporated by the air which draws heat away from our bodies and into the atmosphere. Isn’t that neat?

The only problem is that this is an energy-intensive process that requires a lot of water. Most health problems related to heat stroke or heat exhaustion can be rooted in dehydration, so we urge everyone to stay hydrated and keep drinking water to stay healthy and comfortable.

Fans Will Help Circulate Air

Fans might seem like a bad idea once you’ve got an air conditioner, but the moment your system breaks and needs support, fans are your best friend. A ceiling fan or box fan will help circulate the air inside of your home, while also lowering the temperature by a few degrees to allow moisture to evaporate so you can feel more comfortable.

They might not really cool the air as an AC does, but they can keep you comfortable while you wait for AC support.

Stop Sunlight Where Possible

Sunlight brings with it heat. Unfortunately, if you’ve got a home with beautiful windows that reach up to the ceiling, they’re probably letting in a lot of sunlight and causing things to heat up dramatically.

We urge all homeowners to take advantage of their blinds, curtains, and other furniture to help block the sunlight so temperatures can remain cool and comfortable. Don’t worry, it’s not temporary. Come to the wintertime, you’ll be letting the sun in wherever possible!

Activities That Cool You Down

One of the most common and favorite American past-times is going to the movie theater on a hot day. Not only do movie theaters have tons of refreshments to keep you happy and hydrated, they’re also always air conditioned and work hard to keep sunlight out. This combination means that you’re going to almost always cool down to a comfortable level when going to see a movie. They’re a great break from the heat, especially if you’re without air conditioning, and the are some killer summer blockbusters coming up!

Call Idaho Heating & Air for fast and reliable AC repairs. Your Comfort Is Our Priority!

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