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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Noises Your AC Should Probably Make

We’ve talked a few times on this blog about how your air conditioner shouldn’t make any noises. Well, we’d like to change that point a little bit and be more clear: your air conditioner shouldn’t be making any loud and uncomfortable noises. But just like any machine that runs daily, it’s going to make a few sounds you should probably be used to at this point.

Air conditioners are pressurized systems that rapidly evaporate and condense refrigerant. They also blow cooled air into ductwork and throughout the rooms of a home. It’s just impossible to do this in full silence. Keep reading to learn about the noises that your air conditioning in Meridian, ID should be making. If you think the system is making a noise it shouldn’t, we can help figure out a cost-effective solution.

Let’s learn about your AC’s good noises!

The Click of Starting Up or Shutting Down

The first and most notorious sound that people assume is a problem with their air conditioner is the click of it starting up or shutting down. Many people are often taken aback by this sound because it’s the first one you might hear before the rest of the system starts operating.

Clicking is normal and it’s just the way that your thermostat signals to the air conditioner to turn on. That clicking is the capacitor, an electrical component responsible for starting or stopping the compressor motor. Once the temperature reaches a higher point listed on the thermostat, these components all communicate to each other and clicking is just how the system starts operating.

However, if your system clicks multiple times every cycle, or many times in a row, then that’s the sound of something wrong.

Air Whooshing in Your Vents

Air needs to get from your air conditioner to the rooms in your home. Whether that’s through air ducts or a ductless mini split, there’s just no way for this to happen silently. If you hear air coming from your vents or from the mini split that’s mounted on the wall, then we urge you to wait before calling us while checking the air. If it’s cool, comfortable air, then your AC is just doing its job!

If the air feels lukewarm or uncomfortable after a few minutes of the AC running, then there might be a problem. Just remember that hearing air coming through the vents isn’t necessarily bad.

The Hum of the Compressor

The compressor in your air conditioner is responsible for using electricity to pressurize and evaporate/condense refrigerant in a cycle. This requires a lot of energy, and the system will hum as it operates. That’s why the compressor is housed in the outdoor component of an AC.

Normally the insulation of your home should keep this noise relatively far away and quiet. But if you hear it, just remember that your system must do a lot of work in order to cool the air inside, so it’s okay if it makes a hum as it operates. As long as it’s not too loud or obnoxious, this is perfectly normal.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority! Call Idaho Heating & Air if your air conditioner needs professional attention.

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