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Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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Are Central Air Conditioners Still Worth the Money?

You might be seeing a lot of cool new technology in ads scattered throughout the TV and internet. In fact, it might seem like the central air conditioner you were thinking of purchasing just isn’t “cool” anymore. Why buy a central AC when you could get something so much better and more convenient, like a heat pump or a ductless mini split?

Well, the truth is that central air conditioners are still a stable choice for many homeowners who just want to cool their houses down. Central AC in Meridian, ID can be efficient, powerful, and also affordable, making it perfect for homeowners that just want to cool their home without the extra cost of a more expensive system.

So, today is dedicated to the tried and tested central air conditioner. Let’s discuss why they’re still a great purchase for many homeowners, why they might even be a better purchase than a heat pump, and who might be the right customer for this kind of unit.

Central Air Conditioners Work

Let’s start by talking about these systems honestly. Central air conditioners are amazing because they work, and they have been working for decades. When you think of the first memory you have of a whole house or building being cooled to a specific temperature, you’re likely thinking of the power that’s come from a central air conditioner. They’re effective, simply put.

So, for homeowners that don’t need or want more than just a cooling system, a central air conditioner is one of the best, most affordable cooling systems on the market.

Similar Technology but Different Functions

You might think that a heat pump or a ductless system is better than a central air conditioner, at least from what you’ve heard online or on TV. But the truth is that they’re just different, they’re not really better.

The technology is pretty much the same. Heat pumps use the same method of cooling a space that a central air conditioner does, lines of refrigerant that get evaporated and condensed to draw heat. So, it’s the same technology but with a slightly different purpose.

Invest in a High SEER Central AC

Central air conditioners can be extremely efficient when they’ve got high SEER ratings. Make sure you look for a central air conditioner that fits your budget and space, but with the highest SEER rating you can find. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently it will run and the less you’ll pay monthly.

Affordability Is What Counts

We’re not going to lie to you–an air conditioner is an incredibly expensive investment. But it is an investment, just like a car or a new house, and the amount you’re willing to spend on it is going to depend on many different factors. As we’ve proven in this blog post, central air conditioners aren’t worse than other air conditioning systems, but they are more affordable.

This means that if you’re on a tight budget and you’re trying to cool your home off without spending a ton of money on an air conditioning system, then a central air conditioner is going to be a great choice!

To invest in a new AC, call Idaho Heating & Air. Your Comfort Is Our Priority!

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