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Serving the Treasure Valley Area

Serving the Treasure Valley Area
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AC Efficiency Is a Main Priority This Summer

Temperatures are rising and we’re really starting to feel the heat. Unfortunately, everyone is starting to feel the heat, so the power grid is going to be stressed as air conditioners all around the country start turning on to provide powerful cooling. This is why the energy efficiency of your air conditioner is going to be such a top priority. The more efficient your AC can run, the better off you and your community will be for the future.

For our more eco-conscious customers out there, this will be an important blog topic. If you’ve ever researched where your electrical energy comes from, it could help give you some incentive to make your home more efficient. If your local utility produces electricity through burning oil, then a more efficient AC will be directly helping the planet. Also, AC repair in Boise, ID is a great way to keep efficiency levels high!

Keep Your AC Running Efficiently

Down below, we’ve mentioned a few tips and tricks to help your AC run more efficiently. Remember that the less efficiently your AC runs, the more likely it is that there’s something wrong with it. So pay attention to your monthly energy bills and let us know if you notice anything strange!

Best Practices

Here are some best practices you can take part in right now to improve the efficiency of your AC.

  • Change the air filter. The air filter of your air conditioner needs to be changed every 1-3 months. Doing this will drastically improve efficiency and also give your indoor air quality a nice boost.
  • Clean the system. Does your AC’s outdoor cabinet still have a tarp on it from the winter? Or perhaps it’s covered in sticks, pebbles, dirt, and other debris that got blown around this spring? Well, we recommend cleaning around the unit to maximize airflow.
  • Run the thermostat correctly. The lower your thermostat is set, the harder your air conditioner is going to try to work. The problem is that just because it runs harder, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the results. We recommend homeowners set their thermostat no lower than 20 degrees below the outdoor temperature.

Schedule Maintenance

Yearly maintenance is an incredibly important service to invest in. If you haven’t gotten your AC maintained this year, we highly advise you call our team and schedule an appointment pronto.

Maintenance isn’t necessarily meant to improve your AC’s efficiency right now, but rather it’s designed to keep your AC running efficiently for years to come. Every year AC maintenance is skipped, the system could lose up to 5% of its efficiency, compounding to a large sum over a long period of time.

Invest in AC Repairs

A malfunctioning air conditioner is also going to run less efficiently than an AC in good shape. If you notice that your energy bills are absurdly high, or that your AC is making strange noises as it operates, then you likely need professional repairs to get the job done right.

Contact Idaho Heating & Air to invest in AC repairs or maintenance to get the summer started off right!

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