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SEER2 Updates

A lot is about to change come January 1, 2023! With new federal guidelines on energy efficiency and the rollout of the "SEER2" program, we’re expecting to see some major price hikes for new models.

We want to inform our customers the best we can about the new regulations, provide our professional opinions, and help save money. Take a look below at what we can expect to see over the course of the next few months. Work with our team to be proactive and schedule services early.

Here’s What You Can Expect

Let’s talk about what’s coming in January of 2023.

  • HVAC price increases for 2023.
  • New government efficiency regulations will cause the price of AC units and furnaces to increase approximately 20% or upwards of $2,000 on new equipment manufactured in 2023.

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Here’s Where We Can Help

Unfortunately, the most affordable 2022 units are running out fast. People on tight budgets are rushing to snap them up before they’re gone. Thankfully, Idaho Heating & Air has been able to access some of this limited inventory, but they are moving fast. We want to help get a system into YOUR hands before it’s gone.

To make the deal even sweeter, we are throwing in a FREE indoor air quality product with the purchase of a new heating and cooling system.

So, here’s the quick version: If your AC system struggled to make it through summer, or you’re worried about your furnace carrying you through winter, NOW is the time to take action for the best price possible. Here at Idaho Heating & Air, we only have a limited quantity of the 2022 models. They’re brand new and in stock for now, but this affordable inventory isn’t going to last. Help us help you!

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Purchase your new heating & cooling system at the locked-in 2022 pricing, and we will throw in a FREE indoor air quality product.

Contact us today. Remember, Your Comfort Is Our Priority!


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